Flutter state management for purists

State management was an obvious thing. “Do your own work. No one’s going to do it for you.” Have you ever been taught something like this? I always thought that this was a given, especially in the programming world.In particular, think about the “state management” ( people use this word as managing data that should…

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Flutter Web: Use IndexedDB as File Storage

A simple technique when you migrate from mobile to Web. Flutter is one of the greatest solutions to publish apps to multiple platforms. When you want to migrate Flutter for mobile to Flutter for Web, you typically only need to make a few changes.But if you use local file storage on Flutter for mobile, there…

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Why My Medium Stories are not Searchable by Google?

The wonder of robots meta tags added to stories I expected increasing traffic. Introduction I’m a beginner of Medium story writer. I’ve posted about two articles recently. Since it was my first experience posting blog stories, I have watched the number of accesses increase with excitement. In the beginning, there are some accesses to the…

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